MCP Deputy Publicity Secretary Rev. Maurice Munthali Arrested For Trying To Hit First Lady’s Car

Maurice Munthali  meeting Bushiri’s political errand boy Daza

Police have arrested Malawi Congress Party Deputy Publicity Secretary Rev. Maurice Munthali for disturbing and trying to hit the  First Lady’s convoy.

The Police at Zalewa road block received an intelligence radio message that there was an unknown vehicle that was charging on the First Lady’s convoy at high and dangerous speed after the convoy passed Chingeni road on route to Blantyre.

According to the radio Intel messages the unknown vehicle was warned to stay away from the convoy by the Police blocking vehicle on First Lady’s convoy but the driver continuously ignored the gun point warnings and instead attempted to overtake the convoy on several occasions . The convoy nevertheless blocked the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Police Intel messages were being monitored by Police at Zalewa road which advised the convoy to cruise up to the roadblock. The strange car kept chase of the convoy up to the road block.

When the First Lady’s convoy passed the Zalewa roadblock the police closed the road and ordered the unknown vehicle to stop and the driver was taken into custody at the roadblock for questioning.

Upon interrogation it transpired that the man apprehended was MCP’s Deputy Publicity Secretary Maurice Munthali.

Munthali is currently in custody at the Zalewa roadblock Police as the police is trying to establish motive for his conduct.


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