DEPECO PRO Dry Cleans Party’s President Wife Triephonia Daza In Public Over Her Stupid, Childish Post

Sulungwe dry cleans Dazas wife

Democratic Peoples COngress (DEPECO) Public Relations Officer Kelvin Sulugwe has lambasted and dry cleaned first lady of DEPECO Triephornia Bender Daza in public over her stupid and childish post on facebook,  claiming that she has given birth to a baby boy and further making matters worse by  responding “Thank you” to people’s congratulatory messages which were flooding on her post , when in fact she was not even pregnant.

“What you are doing is embarrassing and very shameful, when have you given birth to post like you have just delivered? Are you not giving room to Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent tabloids to hit on us then we should be spending our precious time with damage control over your childish post. Look at all the congratulatory messages coming to you,people thinking like you have just given birth and you are busy ‘Thank you.’Very silly of you.” Respondent the DEPECO PRO on her post with anger.

Chris Daza’s wife has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons ranging from sexual scandals, infidelity, posing a lavishing style which she does not live to among others.

People have wondered what sort of first lady she can make if his husband Chris Daza was to be voted into power wich such a silly life in  the public.

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