Vindicated As RSA Police Issues Warrant For Crooked Bushiri:Hands Himself To The Police

Crooked and conman Chipiliro Gama trading as Prophet Shepherd Bushiri had a rude awakening yesterday when the South African Police Service knows as the SAPS issued a warrant for his arrest.

Bushiri who has been avoiding the police for sometime for numerous crimes had the SAPS storm his church to arrest him , and it was learnt that he was tipped by others who had taken him into hidding to avoid the embarrassment before his congregation.

Later in he day, Bushiri handed himself over to the police in the company of lawyer  Barry Roux.



  • Sad day for Malawi

    This individual has assisted and supported hundreds of thousands of Malawians with humanitarian aid.

    Pray for his speedy release to Malawi

    • He should be locked up for a very long time so it is a deterrent for the other fake scamming prophets who try to copy Conman Buhiri. Bushiri and other Fake prophets must fall !

  • Bushiri is a thief and false prophet. From Nigeria, Malawi to South Africa all these pastors in Africa (including Bushiri) are thieves. They lie about giving people miracles to get their money which they use to do business. They take advantage of the illiterate, poor people and those suffering in different ways to enrich themselves.

  • Conman Bushiri, the inventor of the most amazing lies. President of a $100 Billion AFRICCI fund, Chancellor of a University, able to work on air, founder of an Agricultural University in S Sudan !Is there no end to the lies, scams and cons from this Papa of Lies ?

  • Koma ngati liri bodza ndiye mwa onjeza

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