Dr’ Levi Zeleza Manda Caught Pants Down

The desperate and very fake ‘media consultant’ Levie Zeleza Manda has once again been caught pants down after lying to the world on events surrounding the alleged barring of Parliamentarian Patricia Kaliati in Lilongwe on Friday.

In his latest post through his Facebook account posted on many social platforms on Saturday morning, Zeleza Manda took a very old picture of Patricia Kaliati during a public function and insinuated that she was being attacked by fellow women.

The picture being paraded by Zeleza Manda is of Kaliati wearing a very different attire from what the lady legislator was wearing on Friday when the alleged incident took place at Parliament.

Further, our investigations have established that as Director of Women in the ruling DPP Kaliati has never been attacked by any fellow woman in the party let alone the supposedly woman in the picture attacking her.

We have since established that the alleged woman being lied to by Zeleza Manda is Director of Women for the DPP Eastern Region Elube Kandeu and from the picture, she is seen talking and pointing to someone who is not in the picture with her hand kind of appearing crossing the path Kaliati was taking. In party hierarchy, Kandeu reports to Kaliati on women affairs.

Both local dailies and the social media have published pictures of Patricia Kaliati and the exact clothes that she was wearing on Friday other than the lies spread by the failed Levie Zeleza Manda.

Apparently, the ever lying Zeleza Manda was trying to score a political point to try and hit at the governing Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP).

Levie Zeleza Manda hates the DPP with passion and does not want the ruling party to succeed in anyway. Manda has openly told friends that he will keep on hating the DPP because the government has never given him a job.

It is not known if the libidous and ever drunk Zeleza Manda is going to withdraw the post and apologise for lying to the world.

More dangerous is the fact that the ever lying Levie Zeleza Manda also lecturers journalists and it is not known how such a lying supposedly media practitioner can be left to be mentoring young and upcoming journalists.

Malawians still freshly remember with shock on how prior to the 2014 general elections, Levie Zeleza Manda working at the Polytechnic concocuted a fake opinion poll that favoured the then former President Joyce Banda.

He was paid millions of Kwachas, proceeds from Cashgate by Joyce Banda to cook up the poll results and spread them to the media.

Then, the Malawi media refused to accept the Levie Zeleza Manda cooked up opinion polls.

Until today, Levie Zeleza Manda still walks in shame due to his fake machinations.


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