Mbumba to perform at Grittas Camp on Saturday

Mbumba: This will mark the huge step in my music career as a solo artist

Talented vocalist Mbumba Nkhoma says her performance at Grittas Camp in Lilongwe on Saturday marks the huge step in her music career as a solo artist.

Mbumba, who is the lead vocalist for Kambuku Band, will be the main act during the Live Acoustic Night which will be spiced up by poetry performances and an arts exhibition.

According to a press release, the artist is excited to finally have the opportunity to launch her solo career.

“I am so excited that finally I have the opportunity to launch my solo career at a time the support is pouring in. The timing is perfect and I have got encouraging feedback from my fans.

“This will surely be a special night being my first ever solo performance; I am looking forward to it. I consider myself a unique talent that can wow the audience with the work that I have done,” reads the press release.

Mbumba has since called for support from her fans.

“As artists, we work hard to be successful and we also realise that no artist can succeed without the fans. Despite that I have been motivated by some experiences in life, I am hugely inspired by the people who are my audience,” she said.



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