Frank Mwenifumbo Murders Enoch Chihana At Aford Convention: Elected New Party President

Mwenifumbo is new aford President

Son to the founder of Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) Enock Chihana had a rude awakening on Tuesday May 1 when he ended the day as a mere Aford member, with a painful reality that he has lost the Party Presidency to Frank Mwenifumbo, at a convention which took place at Don Bosco in Lilongwe.

New Aford NEC is as follows:
Party President is Hon Frank Mwenifumbo ,
Secretary General is Christopher Edward Richie,
Publicity Secretary
Dan Msowoya
National Campaign Director
Mr Ibrahim Swankie
Party Chairperson
Mr Guta party chairman


  • Kkk we want all political parties to stop being owned by individual families if possible Why Afford until now under Chihana family? UDF under Bakili family? DPP still under Mnthalika Family thus why The cathodic say Malawians are not not wise people the whole nation no capability of getting out of this stinky dull minds that is why we are still ruled by very old aged people and same old people manage to steal from us let us change we should take young people who will take the country as theirs

  • Bangster salamba

    Allow me to join

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