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Exposing Sidik Mia The Conman: The Politician Who Has Denounced His Islam Faith

Conman Sidik Mia

Mr Sidik Mia is going around churches and cheating people that he has built more churches in Lowershire than mosques and that he got a distinction in Bible Knowledge at Chikwawa Secondary School.

My brothers and sisters who come from lowershire please tell me where these churches are and when were they built?

Tell me and take a picture plizz

He goes on to lie to people that he got a distinction in BK at CKSS but i did my research and i posted here about Mia and his education. His BK teacher at CKSS in 1980 was Mrs Kaphamtemgo amd told me that he failed BK and i went on to interview Mrs Hazel Manda his Biology teacher and told me that he got an 8 but failed MSCE whereve he went and didnt sit for MSCE at chikwawa sec school

Actually Mia failed a JCE and not an MSCE. That time government was using the best 40 into form 3. He failed JCE and went to Makhetha to learn at Central High so how can ine get a distinction at CK sex school when he didnt finish at that school becoz he failed??

He got selected from Makande Model with Noah Dallas Ngabu the Senior TA Ngabu and Matthews Thenesi Chapinga Ngabu ( MATECHANGA) the owner of Matechanga Motel at Chikwawa Boma

Ndikanena kuti ndikumdziwa mkukuyu asamakunamizeni

Verify with me first before you listen and start trusting him

Akuluakulu mkukuyu ndi wabodza

Alibe MSCE and the only certificate he has is a Diploma in Business Management which he got from UK after another failed attempts at GSCE at Central High and in Zimbabwe where he came back with his wife Abida

Basi chimene anakhoza ndi mkazi from Zimbabwe asakunamizeni

He met Abida in Mashvingo province in Zimbabwe(i will.write about this later or tomorrow latest)

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