Prophet Bushiri’s DEPECO Party Calls On ECG Members, Other Political Party’s To Go For Demonstrations In The Streets Today


12 ECG members to contest on DEPECO ticket

Shepherd Bushiri’s PolitiCal Party which is headed by one of his spiritual advisors Chris Daza has called on Malawians, other political parties to go in the streets in large number to demonstrate against the government.

Former Director of Public Relations and Communications for Bushiri’s Church who was Recently re-hired to manage the PR for DEPECo said their party believes that the demonstrations are for a valid cause hence their Christians in ECG and supporters must join.

“We wish to inform our ECG followers and Malawians that the Democratic People’s Congress (DePeCo) fully endorses the nation-wide peaceful mass-demonstrations organised by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to be held across Malawi this Friday, 27 April, 2018.”Said the PRO.

DePeCo calls for its supporters and Malawians to come en-masse to support the cause.

“In view of this, DePeCo wishes to encourage all party supporters and Malawians of goodwill to join the demonstrations dressed in the party’s red colour regalia. DePeCo hopes to see you in the streets in large numbers and to exercise your right in a peaceful manner,” reads the statement.

Bushiri’s DePeCo joins other 10 opposition political parties have come out in support of demonstrations.


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