AFORD Aspirant Rabbyce Nkhoma Pulls Out Of Presidential Race:Urges Supporters To Rally Behind Frank Mwenefumbo


Pulled out of Presidential race for Aford: NKhoma

C/C To the General secretary Mr Christopher Richie

C/C To the COC Mr Tanilani Chipeta.

And the general Public….


Dear Mr Ritchie

I here by render my withdrawal  of my name Rabbyce Chimbuto Nkhoma as Aford Presidential candidate to compete on Saturday the 28th of April 2018.

My retreatment has not run short of millions of appriciations to your office by recognising my name and put me amongst those great  names that are upfront to run for the highest office in our beloved party Aford, though idid not formally communicate with your office about my interests, this cannot just go unnoticed, Thanx a million, my paramount wish is that it be a peaceful event, let the best candidate democratically win whom i will promise to support unconditionally,let Aford come back home and the spirits of the founders once more smile and be proud of us, for Aford is known for her sound policies that embrace struggles to have and live in a peaceful country Malawi.


Lastly i would like to urge all my supporters to rally behind the candidature of Mr Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo, to carry the mattle and lead us to the battle in 2019, my endorsement has nothing to do with the proximity between the two of us rather the gap of our policies is minimal, and iam convicted that he shares most of my principles of how i believe Aford can be taken to heights, as a party and in the government if Aford can be given a chance in  the coming general election and beyond.

Wishing you Mr General Secretary and your team a wonderful weekend and may God bless Aford, let peace reign..


Rabbyce Chimbuto Nkhoma.

Zürich Switzerland



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