Afford President Enock Chihana Dodges Convention

Enock Chihana Calls Tumbukas mbewa and Makoswe pockets MK 45 million from Mia

In latest revelations, Mr Enock chihana who has been Afford president for the past years since this father died, is failing to come to terms that’s his tenure has expired and must go to convention to seek fresh mandate.

Chihana who is a failure both in Rumphi central constituency, and running the party uses the party for his amown gains and not the interest of Malawians.

It is said chihana fears to face Frank Tumpale mwenefumbo at the convention, seeing that people in the party have seen good leadership skills in the vibrant and energetic mwenefumbo who seems to be visionary and has welfare of the people at heart.

In an audio that this page has received, chihana is threatening the party sectary general that he would demand his money 17 million back which he used in supporting the party, however it has emerged that he is lying as his bill is only 4 million not 17 million as he demands. Chihana further threatens Mr Ritchie that if they go to convention ,he, Ritchie, would not be elected again.

The composed Ritchie kept us for assurance if the convention is on, a question which chihana could not openly respond.

Malawian are tired with this Enock and they need new blood to re sharp the party

The audio is shared in our WhatsApp group follow us


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