Chanco DPP Wing Elects New Leadership: Geared To Campaign For DPP In 2019 Landslide Win

New Chanco DPP Wing

The Chancellor College Democratic Progressive Party Wing over the weekend conducted elections where new leadership was ushered into power.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chanco wing defied the thinking of some party pundits by calling on the youth to actively participate in politics at an event where a new executive committee was democratically baptized with the blue blood to run the party wing in the next one year.  

Top party officials including presidential advisor on political issues Vuwa Kaunda, presidential advisor on safe motherhood Chimwemwe Chipungu, DPP’s director of operations Ben Phiri, and nearly the entire eastern region leaders graced the occasion at Chanco sports complex, slightly putting to standstill the Chilima-Mutharika presidential candidacy talk currently dominating headlines.

Vuwa Kaunda assured the DPP students at Chanco that the governing party values youth leadership .

In his speech, Ben Phiri famously known as the ‘field marshal’ encouraged the Chilunga intelligentsia to pursue and take politics seriously.

We cannot fight the war ahead while neglecting the contribution from the youth, this is why we are here to show how much we value Chanco DPP youth wing and all the youth in Malawi, as new leaders of the wing, make sure you have plans on how you want to run the party at college because failing to plan is planning to fail”

Phiri refuted accusations that DPP youth are in most instances in the forefront assaulting political opponentsclaiming that the party’s youth are well disciplined.

“We are a branded party, since we ascended to power in 2014, not even one can claim to have been assaulted by our youth, not only an assault but even any sort of violence. What we are trying to do is to demonstrate that DPP equals development, that is why our agenda is development and that is what we are doing”

In his acceptance speech, the president elect for the Chanco DPP wing Connex Muhuwa who as well went an opposed expressed gratitude to the people for entrusting him with the position of leadership and he promised to serve whole heartedly.

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