MCP Paying People K 3000 Each  To Take Part In The Coming Crocodiles Party Sponsored Demos

MCP supporters to take part as CSO in the coming demos

Malawi Congress Party is paying money to people to take part in the coming Demonstration which are planned to take part in the major cities, with recent revelations showing that those who are pocketing money will be ferried to Zomba to join Chancellor College students, who are being organised by MCP WIng President to demostrate.

People being recruited will have  to travel to Zomba for demos and each will be paid K3,000. They are using Francis Muluzi to recruit the guys in several regions .

Very senior officials of both MAM and QMAM have confirmed that MCP has given them funding to take part in these demos too.

A team of moslems who have pocketed money is  meeting in Mosques in and around Mangochi boma.

One comment

  • Malawi independent reporter, shame on you. you think Malawians are stupid to believe your story. You wast your time to write fake news and you are not even courageous to put your name so that you can defend your truth. You are the one who is being paid to write this. Shame.

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