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What A Goodbye! 2nd Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya Retiring From Active Politics In May 2019

Retiring: Chiwaya

Retiring: Chiwaya

Second Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya who is also member of parliament for Mangochi Central has announced his retirement from active politics, in May 2019 after serving the nation as parliamentarian, minister and Deputy speaker since he joined politics in 2003


April 15, 2018

Friends and relatives. As you are aware I joined active politics in 2003 soon after I returned from the United States.

I stood for a parliamentary seat and won under the United Democratic Front. I must admit that I have enjoyed great support from my constituents who to date they have voted for me for three terms. During this time I have been involved in a number of projects for the constituency that I am proud of.

For a greater part I have served as a member of parliament, a cabinet minister as well as now as a Deputy Speaker. This is one of the highest positions in the land. I thank the people of Mangochi for trusting me with the position on MP and my fellow MPs for elevating me to be the current Deputy Speaker.

As we go into the 2019 General elections I have taken time to reflect on my future. I have discussed with my family in Thyolo Zomba Mangochi and US on what my future should be. First let me thank His Excellency Dr Bakili Muluzi for the love and support that he has given me since I started politics he took me under his wings. He has treated my like his own son. He has been there during my good and hard times.

I will always cherish his love for the less privileged. I would be short of gratitude if I did not mention the love that Rt Hon Atupele Muluzi the president of my party for everything he has done for me in my political career. He has been my pillar, my source of encouragement and above all a personal friend. He will remain a great friend that I will always be around.

I should mention also that party structures right from UDF NEC regional District as well as constituency and branch have stood with me in the last fourteen or so years I have been active in politics. Late Bishop Assolari for allowing me to join politics and even funding my campaign. His sprit has been over me always. I pray for his ertenal life.

“Ambuye ntchito minayigwira” My wife Sulleya for the support she has always given me even in times when the world seemed like crumbling on me. We have had a great time as well as bad times. In her I find solace. To my fellow MPs you have been great. To all the Mangochi constituents I will never forget your support.

Today after consultations with my family I have arrived at a decision that I will not seek an elected position in 2019.

I am retiring from active politics. I will remain in UDF as a NEC member. Many of you will ask me why I am making the announcement so early. Infact the reason is to accord UDF to identify my successor through the party structures.

I will support and campaign that particular individual with all my resources so that I am succeeded by a good character. If I had my I would have loved to be succeeded by a well educated candidate considering what the constituency standing is in the country. I will continue to serve as an mp and Deputy Speaker till May 21st 2019.

Lastly I thank the President Peter Mutharika the cabinet as well as my speaker colleagues for a great working relationship I am enjoying.

I will maintain my Lilongwe home until little Clement is old enough to go to boarding school. We will then retire at our Lake Cottage at Malembo. May God bless you all. Clement

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