APM Leaves Malawi For CHOGM Today : To Meet Investors ,Other Leaders On The Sidelines In UK

President Mutharika with Queen Elizabeth

Malawi State President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika is set to leave the country for United Kingdom, where he is expected to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), Malawi Indepedent has established.

According to a press statement which has been seen by this publication signed by CHief Secretary to the Government, Mutharika is expected to leave Malawi though Kamuzu International Airport at 14:00 hrs.

During the meeting, President Mutharika will have audiences with world leaders and investors.

The Commonwealth is a diverse community of 53 nations that work together to promote prosperity, democracy and peace.


Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will take place in London and Windsor.

One comment

  • Mr. President, we in the diaspora would like to invest at home, but we need our friends and relatives to manage our investments while we are in diaspora, making more money to invest at home. But these friends and relatives we have entrusted with our investments in Malawi/back home are are letting us down by stealing and mismanaging our investments which could in return employ more young and older citizenry to assis them in their Economical Capital, Cultural and Social Capital. People are changing ownership of our investments back home in Malawi. In short akutibera. This is depriving us of our economical capital, social & cultural capital. As a result of this thefty, we in diaspora are hesitant to ivest in Malawi now, but abroad where one is able to manage his or her investment. Due to travel expenses and pressure of work load, we can’t come home and supervise our businesses every often unless one retires and come home. Therefore, we urge our friends and relatives or Malawian in general to change their attitudes towards someone’s property not to steal it. Umbava kuyambiratu/corruption, nsanje, kaduka zikuyambiratu in our families, relatives in the clan up to the wider society. I urge all Malawians to change for the better otherwise tikuikadi zitukuko kuno kunja more than ku Malawi. Moti zimene tapanga kuno in terms of investments, zikuposa zimene tapanga ku Malawi because tikuopa umbava, corruption, jealousy, envy zimene zamera masiku mimtima ya abale athu, friends and our workers. Even the lawyers are corrupt in Malawi. You may hire them to manage a case on theft or change of ownership of one’s property that connive with the accused anddwindle or dwindle your resources. So how can we help each other like that to invest more in Malawi?

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