Che Tym Of Khenge Kumalast Fame Cheated By Girl Friend In RSA: Girl’s Nude Photos Leak

Photo of cheating girl friend to Khenge Kumalast Che Tym
A Malawian girl by the name of Memory, also known as Yangcute Bea on facebook who is based in Durban, South Africa and has been fooling around with Harish Joshi, has had a rude awakening when her nude photos and Watsapp conversations got leaked.

Harish Joshi is also a Malawian man but based in the same Rainbow nation.

Malawi Independent understands that Memory, who runs away from his husband in Malawi, was dating Che TYM Khenge, a friend to Harish but at the same time she has been cheating.

However, when Memory met Harish, she was so besotted with him that she was willing to do anything for him, including sending him her nude photos.

From the watt sap conversations, the two have been meeting to satisfy their needs.

For instance, in one of their conversations, Harish asked Memory, “What are you doing today?, and Memory responds, “Iam going to church half 5 now am with my best friend at her house.”

In another response, Harish asked Memory to meet on a weekend but make sure to organize nice accommodation for the two to have a sleep over.

“Your ex is going to Johannesburg tomorrow so they won’t be any reason to hide, let’s be free as lovers do. I promise to make you the happiest woman ever,” Harish was quoted telling Memory.

In another conversation, Harish asked Memory to send him what he described it, ‘Sexy beautiful pictures,’ and which he obliged but after refusing at first that she had none.

The first picture in a green dress has two insets showing Memory stark naked, with her private part opened for the whole world to see.


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