Death Penalty Or Not On Albino Killers?APM Calls For Dialogue On implementation Of Death Penalty

Death penalty or not on albino killers

His Excellency the President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has learnt with great shock and sadness about the news of re-emergence of attacks on persons with albinism in some parts of the country. 

This depressing development is happening at a time Government had made tremendous progress in efforts to stop such barbarous acts. The latest of these hideous attacks is the abduction and subsequent murder of Mr. McDonald Masambuka.

What is more disheartening to President Mutharika is that preliminary investigations into the abduction and murder of Mr. Masambuka are showing leads to the effect that some wayward Police officer and some members of the community in which the late Masambuka was residing, including a member of his immediate family might have been involved in his abduction and murder.

The President would like to commend the professional Police officers that have this far worked day and night to establish what had befallen the late Mcdonald Masambuka since his disappearance. The investigating officers should continue on this path and no one implicated should be spared.

His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika is assuring the public that Government will dig deep into Mr. Masambuka’s abduction and murder to ensure that all suspects in the matter, regardless of their social status, are swiftly brought to book.

The President will not allow criminals in our communities to reverse the gains made in the efforts to protect persons with albinism.

President Mutharika’s Government remains seriously committed to protecting the human rights for all its citizens with special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as persons with albinism.

The President is calling for concerted effort from all stakeholders for us to understand what weaknesses in the earlier interventions have led to the re-emergence of the attacks on person with albinism, get to the root of the problem and collectively defeat it.

The Malawi Government appreciates the support it has  thus far been receiving from the international development partners, traditional leaders, the Judiciary and the clergy in protecting the lives and rights of people with albinism and holding rights’ violators accountable. However, the President is asking for an honest  national dialogue on whether the country should start  implementing the death penalty or not on individuals sentenced to death for murder.

President Mutharika is aware that there are some stakeholders who feel passionately that implementing the death penalty on individuals sentenced to death could go a long way as a deterrent to would-be offenders from attacking persons with albinism. On the other hand, the President is also aware of the international community’s stand against the death penalty. These two view points are on  opposite extreme end of each other;hence the need for dialogue and a national consensus.  

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika  is assuring all Malawians that the abduction and murder of Mcdonald Masambuka and similar unresolved cases will be thoroughly investigated with the speed they deserve and that all those implicated will be prosecuted vigorously.    






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