Operation 2019 Landslide Begins As Deputy Speaker Ester Mcheka Chilenje Joins Mighty DPP

Mcheka joins DPP

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) continues to cast its nets far wide, this time around the APM team has caught a big catch in Nsanje as Deputy Speaker of Paliament who is also Nsanje North Parilamentarian Ester Mcheka Chilenje finally announced her joining of the only might party in this land DPP.

Chilenje told Times Television on Tuesday that she has joined the party after consulting his constituents.

She said that she has joined DPP because it has played a crucial role in developing her constituency. Addressing a rally in her on Tuesday, Mcheka Chilenje who won on independent ticket in 2014 said that people across the country are acknowledging what the DPP led government is doing in terms of infrastructure development.

She said that the current administration is committed to do more developments than what is promised in 2014 hence her decision to join the Democratic Progressive Party in advancing the government’s agenda.

The move of Mcheka Chilenje joining DPP shows that the ruling party is ready for an operational landslide victory in the forthcoming tripartite elections in 2019 as it .

The Deputy Speaker will be welcomed into the DPP by President Prof. Authur Peter Mutharika this week in Mulanje

Hon. Mcheka chilenje is not a small person when it comes to active women in Malawi’s politics, she is a big figure this is a clear warning to all political parties that DPP is penetrating in all regions and the mean business when it comes to winning a general election.



One comment

  • Mcmore salima

    Is this landsliding or foolishness?

    All the people who are joining dead peoples party dpp are either under police investigation or are given money by the party.
    A normal person cannot join this loosing party.
    Remember 5-1

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