Chakwera Admits Malawi Crocodiles Party (MCP) Is Hopelss And In Crisis

MCP in crisis

MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera has admitted that the party is in crisis. He has made the admission in a statement which exposes the following issues:

  1. Multiple court cases registered against Chakwera and the leadership

This is s sign of a party in disarray. The statement shows that there is fear, worry and silent panic in the party. In fact, this statement is a political mistake because it admits too much of the inside chaos. Instead of assuring their supporters, it worries them even more. This statement is an example of Chakwera pressing panic buttons.

  1. The lie on MCP as a political party with the largest following

Chakwera is misleading Malawians. The electoral results do not support the claim. Chakwera is actually LYING! Why is he worried in this statement if all is well in the party as he claims?

3.”…We would have preferred it if these political disputes were dealt with through internal processes without resorting to courts.”

This shows that the party has no leadership at all. Chakwera admits that they tried and failed. You cannot run a government after failing to organise and run your own political party.

  1. “We are a government in waiting.”

They have been, since 1994. Electoral results show it all.

  1. On an ineffective Government

The DPP has nothing to do with the MCP Lawsuits. It was not necessary for them to include the DPP in their statement. This is the trouble with MCP. They are always blaming someone else for their failures. No wonder they have been failing to get organised to win an election for 20 years and every time blaming the winner. One of the characteristics of failures in life is that they don’t take responsibility of the consequences of their actions. They always project blame on someone else. They divert.


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