Mia Embarrassed In South Africa As Simbi Phiri Denies To Give Him Money For MCP Indaba

Sidik Mia embarrassed in RSA

As reported in my previous writings that the power hungry Muhammed Sidik Mia ..the self-imposed VP and running mate to Mr Yona Chakwera that he will soon declare himself bankrupt due to his extravagant spending in order to convince mcp that he has money ..Mr Mia has once again been embarrassed in south Africa

Mia left Malawi a few days ago via KIA just 2 days after trying to corrupt Immigration officials to renew his diplomatic passport when he no longer deserves it.

Mia offered the officials K100,000 each in order to have his diplomatic passport renewed but the officials denied him and went on to give him an ordinary passport just like any other malawian.

As you know Mia sold all his Walitsa farm and butchery due to huge loans he has incurred..

Chakwera sent Mia and chiphiko to beg money from simbi of khatho engineering for their convention but Simbi has refused to give these crooked men the money they were looking for .

We can reveal that Simbi told Mia and Chiphiko that unless Msowoya is back he cannot commit to give money to these croocked men.

Our informant has said that Simbi told them that Msowoya the man that promotes sanity in the party has to be brought back failing which he will withhold his purse. This made Mia to be very furious as this will expose his bankruptcy.

Simbi stopped funding MCP through Chakwera because he was abusing the money.

More to come


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