Fugitive Ex-Mw Leader Joyce Banda Sued For Non Payment of K 0.6 Bn To EIL For Supply Of Building Materials In Mudzi Transformation Trust

Joyce Banda sued for failing to pay million in Mudzi Transformation Trust

Exiled Former Malawi president Joyce Banda has been dragged to court for allegedly failing to pay about K214 million for materials supplied by South Africa-based Engelec International Limited (EIL) to the Mudzi Transformation Trust, an initiative of Banda which died as soon as she was kicked out of power in 2014, Malawi Independent has established.

The company is demanding payment for materials, including iron sheets, in the Mudzi Transformation Trust project.

In civil case number 1428 of 2015 between EIL and registered trustees of Mudzi Transformation Trust fund as first defendant and Banda as second defendant , the court directs that the company should be paid about K20 million as part payment to their claim.

Court records indicate this was agreed between lawyer of Banda, Lusungu Gondwe and the company that a K20 million part payment would be made by January 31 2018 but it has not yet been processed to date.

The South African company hired Powell Nkutabasa as their lawyer, who said Banda and the trustees owe EIL “over K600 million.”

Nkhutabasa said the K20 million is part payment but up to date has not been paid.

He said they have given Banda “a grace period” to pay K20 million , saying “procedures [will] have to be followed for non payment.”

The five-year project, which started in 2013, sought to build houses for vulnerable people ended as soon as Banda went out of power, a clear indication that it was just a mere political-campaign tool in the run to the elections which she lost misarably.


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