Chakwera Runs Aways From Court Proceedings: Afraid To Be Grilled By Kaliwo,Msowoya Over Their Firing In MCP

Chakwera cornered

In a ‘Yona’ fashion like style ,Rev Chakwela yesterday run away from his own political catastrophic making ,when he failed to show up at the court in a case between MCP, Chakwera Vs Msowoya, Kaliwo,  Lombola and Kabwira who  challenged his decision to have them fired or suspended from their positions in Malawi Congress Party.

The case is sitting before Judge Mkandawire.

Chakwera failed to show up in the court where he was supposed to be grilled by the fired MCP officials who are labeled as Nkholokolo claiming he is attending a funeral but our sources in MCP disclosed that Chakwera was not at any funeral on this particular day .

Rumours are that he is not comfortable facing the seasoned counsel Gustav Kaliwo who has partinered with former Director of Public Prosecution, Ishmael Wadi .

The case has been adjourned to a later date but commentators have described Chakwera’s move as too childish and a clear sigh that he does not uphold the country’s constitution.

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