MCP Survey Tips Mutharika As Winner Of 2019 Elections: Chakwera Loses Hope For Mw Presidency

Mutharika to beat Chakwera again in 2019 elections

Malawi Congress Party survey which was conducted January and February 2018 has poised President Arthur Peter Mutharika as the winner of the 2019 elections with over 74% . Malawi Independent has established.


According to some of the surveyors, it was discovered that  the rating of APM is far much higher than Chakwera’s across the country .

“The gap is very wide. “he said .


MCP having lost the hope of winning the next elections, they have vowed to try by all means to tarnish the image of Mutharika using Times Media group which was the Offical mouth piece of MCP during the era of Kamuzu and until now as away Of chipping  away his rating.

MCP survey findings corroborates the findings of EIU in the past four country reports. That APM is popular and likely to win in 2019.

“Chakwera lack on viable policy alternatives and resorting to personal attacks of APM.” – Report by Economist Intelligence Unit based in London.



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