MCP Regalia At T/A Malengamzoma Angers Nkhatabay Chiefs, As Chakwera Addresses Party Supporters At The Funeral


Things fall apart in MCP as Chakwera replace Kamuzu face with his

Chiefs in Nkhatabay have been saddened by the conduct of leader of opposition Rev. Lazarus Chakwera who on the burial ceremony of Traditional Authority Malengamzoma on Saturday March, 24 arrived at the ceremony with his supporters fully dressed in MCP regalia.

According to the chiefs, the conduct of Dr. Chakwera of inciting his supporters to put on MCP regalia at a funeral ceremony of a traditional leader was very worrying saying T/A Malengamzoma was a member of the CCAP women’s guild who never participated in active politics.

They say their expectations was to see all those coming to attend the burial ceremony dressed in CCAP Women’s guild uniforms being black and white rather than to see MCP party colours at a funeral service was an embarrassment to the family and all people of Nkhatabay.

“Since Dr. Chakwera is a church reverend, he is supposed to know better the traditions and culture of different societies.

“Our culture does not encourage wearing of party colours at a funeral service especially of a traditional leader, “ said Senior Chief Mkumbira of Nkhatabay.

Concurring with T/A Mkumbira, Senior Chief Fukamapiri said Dr. Chakwera seems to have no regard to the Tonga culture and traditions. “It’s an insult to the people of Nkhatabay.”
Dr. Chakwera was later seen addressing his supporters a few metres away from the grave yard soon after burial.

This too did not go down well with the chiefs and religious leaders present saying the MCP leader should have found a different day and venue for doing this.


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