Deansgate:Chanco Students Law Society Robbed By Body’s President Justice Kamuzu Banda Jnr, Member Nerbet Chirwa

Students law society crooks in black jacket

The Students Law Society of the faculty of law at Chancellor College is embroiled in a financial scam which the students at Chancellor College have dubbed Deansgate.

This follows attempts by the President of the SLS Mr Justice Kamuzu Banda (third year) and Mr. Nebert Chirwa (first year) to defraud the society of the funds which had been approved by the law faculty to facilitate the smooth running of the sporting competition that the faculty holds each year.

The total approved budget was MK1.49million of which only MK1.29million which they had declared as approved.

The Mk200,000 had been converted for personal use by Justice Banda and Nebert Chirwa.

It is believed that they had planned to swindle more than half of the budget. Meanwhile the two have resigned with immediate effect to pave way for thorough investigations being conducted by the college. It is very likely that the two will have to face the music for their actions which could be a disciplinary hearing followed by expulsion or suspension.

As we went to press, the law students were holding the General Assembly.


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