Ex-President Joyce Banda’s Sister Anjimile Mtira Oponyo Among Fraudsters Blacklisted By City SuperMarket

JB sister among the fraudsters named by City Super Market

Management of City Supermarket (City Mall) has named  Anjimile Mtila Oponyo, sister to former President of Malawi now exiled Joyce Mtila Banda  as one of the fraudsters,  who have robbed them by presenting cheques which were either not accepted by the bank or returned due to insufficient funds in their accounts.

The foreign business community has cried foul from such unscrupulous fraudsters and one of them tends to be related to the former President who are  now appearing on a list of the people whose cheques can’t be accepted by City Super Market .

Anjimile Oponyo was once fired by Madona’s charity organization in Malawi for mismanagement of her finances which were mearnt to build a school block for the girl child and the project collapsed under her watch, a development which saw Madonna being victimised by the Joyce Banda’s adminsitration.

The news that now Oponyo has been listed as a fraudster is not new owing to her behaviors which saw her falling out of Grace with Madonna.

Anjimile Oponyo robbed Madona



  • Poor journalism

  • What's the point

    Journalists in Malawi have hit bottom low. I really don’t give a damn about this lady but if you have a list of people why are you not publishing the list???? Why just pick on her is this politically motivated…????? This is a perfect example of poor journalism at its best……tabloid

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