Rev. Maurice Munthali Plans To Join Bushiri’s DEPECO:Promised VP Post In Northern Region

Maurice Munthali meeting Bushiri’s political errand boy Daza

Livingstonia synod chief whip Maurice Munthali is planning of dumping opposition Malawi Congress Party to join Bushiri’s DEPECO, where he has been promised support to become the party’s Vice President in the northern region and undisclosed amount of miracle money in millions from Joyce Banda’s cash gate proceeds being laundered by crooked prophet Shepherd Bushiri.


According to our sources in DEPECO camp , Maurice Munthali  has been tipped that MCP only wants to use him to gain support in the northern region, where  MCP is hated for the atrocities that sons and daughters of the region suffered during the Kamuzu Banda’s one era and later risk being dumped at the MCP Indaba where MCP has fronted Mkaka for the Secretary General post and Kumkuyu for the Publicity secretary post, both positions which were being eyed by Munthali .

Munthali  who previously joined AFORD is bitter with MCP hence opting to join DEPECO having accepted the offers made to him .

He has already met with Bushiri’s political errand boy Chris Daza who is running DEPECO on behalf of Bushiri and a deal has been struck leaving Munthali with no option but join the party of womanizers and crooks.



  • Hey u writer, u call Depeco womanizers and crooked. Do u yourself have evidence or u just write to please your masters?

    • Maurice Chauka Emmie Munthali

      The above post insinuating that I am planning to join DEPECO is both malicious and seed of the devil. There is no way I can and will dream of joining any other party because I happily and proudly belong to the Malawi Congress Party.

      These are deeds and signs of a team that is not only desperate but are aware that the only door infront of them is marked “EXIT” as we await the polls.

      Joining DEPECO is not only the greatest political mistske I can make, it will not add any value to the struggle against the ills perpetrated by the current regime and the plight of the people of this country.

      On a good note, it’s the Malawi Congress Party that is the ONLY hope for the enslaved Malawians. That is why I proudly belong to MCP and will be loyal to its leadership as long as I am around. Under Dr Lazarus Chakwera, the Malawi Congress Party is not only growing numerically, it is actually getting strategically poised to run this country with vision & efficiency.

      So, let it be known to all including fabricators of this propaganda that I, Rev Maurice Chauka Emmie Munthali, belong to the Malawi Congress Party with no single intention of joining any other party.

      Let DEPECO know that I am not coming to you nor have I thought of doing so.

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