Imbecile JB Not Coming This Month-End Again,Changes Date To Next Month:Promises She Has Made Since 2014

Joyce Banda changes her arrival dates again

Exiled  president Joyce Banda who was  scheduled to return home this month-end from her hiding where she has been since she was connected to cash gate scandal for the past four years, has changed her dates to next month (April)  as to when she is expected to be in Malawi.

The news of the return of the imbecile Joyce Banda who was acting Malawi President between 2012 to 2014 is nothing new as she has made  numerous promises on her intended return from exile since 2014.

The former president, whose People’s Party (PP) is almost dead , has been out of the country since June 29, 2014 when she left for the US and she has been mongering from one country to the other without hope of returning home.

Several Peoples Party have announced the arrival of Joyce Banda over the years but nothing materialised, even the fresh announcement of her return which was made in February 2018 was clear that it was a mere propaganda as it had  not indicated the arrival date.

Joyce Banda denies any wrong doing in cash gate scandal but several key Peoples Party officials and senior cabinet ministers in her regime have mentioned her as a beneficiary and masterminder of cash gate scandal, in a move which was aimed at sourcing funds for hr 2014 presidential bid, which she lost miserably and came third.

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