MCP Is Dead, Useless: Chatinkha Nkhoma Resigns From Crocodiles Party, Burns Legaria


Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Media
It is my honour and privilege to once again have your attention today.

Let me extend my profound gratitude to my fellow Malawians, members and Supports of MCP, the once Mighty party which has lost its glory.

A party which used to strive on Unity of Strength, Law and Order and Love, Respect and Kindness. A party once feared by all political opponents.

And lastly to the vibrant and great media fraternity which I have grown to know, understand and somewhat love in the past 3 three years.

The main goal of this Press briefing is to announce my resignation as a member of Malawi Congress Party forthwith.
This decision has been arrived at with much prayer and soul searching. My political activities have been mainly to serves the people of Malawi and not necessarily a career path or job opportunity. That is why you will discover that I have never run for any political offices in my entire life. I have enjoyed doing politics up to the point where it was practiced within the perimeters of sanity and dignity.

Unfortunately we are seeing a new brand of politics in MCP which does not auger well with my spiritual life.
Let me remind everyone that until my resignation today, I was a bonafide member of the party because the attempt by Chakwera to illegally fire me and Hon. Denis Nanthumba was dismissed by the High Court in Blantyre by Justice Potani. on ……. Case No….

Like any other political party in Malawi, MCP has faced its fair share of storms, and prevailed.

Unfortunately the current purging that is happening in MCP is claiming many victims on a daily bases, currently over 1000 members in various positions and political districts have been illegally removed from the party.

In a vicious and ruthless exercises of political cleansing, most of the casualties have been the gallant soldiers, the old resilient guards who fought these tough political battles, these old battered soldiers who fiercely and bravely defended the party and kept it strong when it was not fashionable to belong to it…. and when it even dangerous to be identified as a member of MCP, these people are now rendered destitute and abandoned….

These heroes have been forsaken and tossed out like thrash, thrown out like used condom, chased like rabid dogs, insulted, castigated, called vile and vulgar names such as “nkholokolo”.

The Regional, District, Constituency, Area and Branch Committees and their Chairmen, Women and Youth leaders and members have steadfastly rescued the party from fading away politically for the past 20 years, until the mantel was handed over to the new ungrateful leaders. Unfortunately instead of appreciating them, they have been told to drag their old tired bodies to hell.

Will MCP offer an alternative government?The answer is a BIG “NO”!!!
The time has come to reflect on the real, not perceived, State of the Party, the destructive path it is taking will not only affect the party, but our national democracy, the democracy which was hard fought for by our national heroes.
There is a new evil conspiracy going on in MCP and WOE UNTO ANYBODY WHO DARES TO STAND IN THEIR WAY.
This conspiracy has nothing to do with building or uniting the party, it has nothing to do with rebranding or strengthening the party, but everything to do with greed and power.
This conspiracy is aimed at getting to Statehouse by any means necessary, to amass as much wealth at all costs, to wage an all-out war on anyone they deem to stand in their way.


A party where there is rampant abuse of staff, many have not been paid salaries for almost 3 years and yet its leaders are busy building and buying mansions yet they came into the party with close to nothing.

Many in the oldest party are anxious, afraid, and confused as the party speeds on a slippery slope towards destruction.

Dictatorship and Tyranny are the order of the day; the party is rolling back the democratic gains that were made in the past 20 years under Hon. Gwanda Chakuamba and JZU Tembo. Malawians fought to end authoritarian and despotic rule; Chakwera is taking MCP back to the Dark days.

The Tale of the Dark Political Angel.Chakwera is a master manipulators masquerading as a Messiah.

When a leader defies the very source [Kasupe} of his power, the MCP Constitution, this poses a very difficult situation. The Constitution represents the views of the members of MCP through the Convention not his personal agenda. Kasupe wawulamulilo wa Chakwera ndi constitution imene ikuimilila ma membela a MCP.
Chakwera may look like an Angel but let’s remember that the bible says ‘even Satan will appear as an angel of light’. When you read history, you will discover that Hitler and Stalin presented themselves as better alternatives but ended up as horror stories. . Let’s not allow history keep repeating itself.
Chakwera brutally silences any voice of wisdom.
The spirit of disobedience has been sown in MCP which is just like the spirit of witchcraft.
As with all budding and practicing Dictators, the new MCP leadership has hired a well-organized special smear campaign team to destroy anyone who dares question their deeds, and no one is spared, MCP members, other Political party leaders, the Head of State, journalists who do not tow their line Media houses, journalist, Bloggers are in their firing line.
We have all witnessed the onslaught of foul and obscene language which has been spewing on social media and other forums on me and other voices of reason. But let us remember that the issues happening in MCP are much bigger than me. For Malawi these people are THE TROJAN HORSE being assisted by the Courts to enter into government.
Chakwera is crooked and is failing uphold the MCP Constitution and don’t be cheated that he will uphold the Republican Constitution. Just as the Biblical Galatians he will continue to make false promises even if voted into power and not keep them.
Chakwera is on a Strictly ‘Sum-Zero’ game. Winning at all costs and as he persues the “WAMUYAYA” agenda.
Crooked Chakwera is consistently consistent a DICTATOR
Crooked Chakwera is a paranoid psychopath. If you disagree with him, you are an automatic vilified bitter enemy and fired from the Party. You can fire everyone, but if the problem is you, the you solve nothing.
Crooked Chakwera has commercialized the party and only those that are rich are welcome. The rest are good to fill up rallies and votes.
Crooked Chakwera has no progressive political strategy apart from telling Malawians that “2019 BOMA”.
This is a deadly political game where only Malawians will become the big losers.
It is easier and more comfortable to dismiss me and my colleagues who have been brave enough to stand up and try to stop this madness as Sellouts, Trouble makers and disgruntled members…. To borrow and paraphrase Congressman Joe Kennedy III… Bullies may land a punch and they might leave a mark, but they will never match the strength and spirit of a people in defense of their future and democracy…
I am resigning from Chakwera’s MCP because I refuse to be associated with -;
Dishonesty, Intolerance, Oppression, Hate, Impunity, Arrogance, Violence, Intimidation, Demonization, Regionalism, Tribalism, Nepotism, Bigotry, Divisions, lack accountability both financially and to its members, lack of respect for Protocol, Law and Order.
I have endured and preserved enough in the devil’s den and what I have seen is very scary. I have run the race and my crown is in heaven. I had a duty to speak out on these evils and I did and lost friends and family members who turned against me for it in the process. But the TRUTH sets free.
I was born and grew up in MCP and I once said a tenant cannot remove a Landlord, but now I see that it is safer for the Landlord to leave the vineyard to save its own life from marauding bandits and hoodlums. I have been there when MCP went through a thousand changes and survived because it played by the rules of the game.
I can say with God’s truth that this is not the same MCP I was born and grew up in. If this what meant when they said they were rebranding the party, then I fear what rebranding of Malawi will look like if voted into power. This is a party on a path to destruction and it will take the nation down with it if not stopped.
I have bravely braved a violent backlash for standing up to the truth, but I believe the fight was not in vain, because it has exposed the many ills taking place in MCP.
Lets not be cheated….MCP under Crooked Chakwera is a lost cause;
As I leave MCP, I am not running away from anything …but I am running towards something’
In revelation 18;14 the bible says….”Come out of Babylon because it is marked for destruction, do not be partakers of her sin which has reached Heaven”.
As Malawi we are bound together by a collective common destiny.
We are all sailing in the same ship, if it sinks, we will all sink together so instead majoring in politics of finishing each other, we can benefit only if pull together and love our nation more than ourselves… if not for us… then for our children who in 50 years from now will still need to live in this country.
My very last warning to are to the overzealous MCP youth, and other ranking members….
I have left the MCP and do not expect any more of your vulgar and obscene attacks on me; if you hold your peace I will hold mine. But if you don’t, then expect me to respond in kind.
Thank you for time May God bless you all and may God have Mercy and grace on Malawi
Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma


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