Qatar-Gulf Crisis Plunges MCP Financier Mohamad Sidik Mia Into Financial Turmoil


Mia and MCP in Financial Crisis

Sanctions imposed on Qatar by a Saudi Arabia-led bloc have landed a heavy blow on Malawi Congress Party (MCP) sole financier Mohamad Sidik Mia.

Mia has been banking all his campaign-funding-hopes on Qatar, as he has already depleted funds from his coffers.

However, those hopes have been dealt a heavy blow as Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have cut ties to Qatar, demanding that Qatar should shut down the Al Jazeera network, close a Turkish military base and scale down ties with Iran.

In the 13-point list, the countries also demand that Qatar sever all alleged ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and with other groups, including Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and ISIL (also known as ISIS).

This has led to Qatar to stop financing almost all external Islamic projects, including funding political campaigns by Muslims in Malawi and other African countries, following the sanctions.

And ‘The Mohamad Sidik Mia Project’ which was earmarked for funding has also been shelved. In the project, Qatar was to create an Islamic led Malawi through Mia.

A source very close to Mia has also confirmed that all is not rosy in as far as financial stand is concerned in their camp.

“It is slowly but surely becoming a tall order for the boss (Mia) to meet most of his targets. Should Qatar Crisis persist, we are in for a disaster,” said the source who did not want to be named.


He added: “The crisis has not affected Mia alone, but most of Islamic Projects that were receiving funding from Qartar.”

Meanwhile, MCP has turned to the public with a begging bowl for its convention, after Mia made a u-turn on his pledge for a K 70 million contribution.

Earlier this week, both MCP spokesperson Ezekiel Ching’oma and secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said the steering committee for the convention has met twice to work way forward to raise K100 million within the party but the response from seniors has not been positive, as everyone says they are channeling their resources towards their parliamentary seats campaign.




One comment

  • All of the sudden things are now crystal clear. It was suspicious from the beginning why anyone would want a tyrannical regime like MCP to resume power. Its a plot to extend IS into Southern Africa using puppets like Sidik Mia & gullible ex-reverends with no legal background or political experience. Thank you for shining the light on their darkness.

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