Cheating Nico Insurance Lady Manager Caught Pants Down:Bears Four Children With ‘Fisi’

In a rare display of bravery in a closed society, a Malawian senior corporate manager, Michael Ngwira,  has publicly revealed all four children he had always believed he fathered with his wife, Miriam, were actually not his.

Micheal Ngwira and Mirriam: The four children DNA paternity test reveals the husband isn’t a father

This follows DNA tests he ordered for his children whose results said he was not the biological father of the children.

The supposedly cheating wife, herself a finance manager at an insurance giant, NICO General, has been living with Ngwira for many years as a couple and had four children between them-Hellen, Elton, Kamwadi and Lucy.

They are now on separation, according to Ngwira.

In a message addressed to ‘family’ but now viral on the social media in Malawi, Ngwira, who is general manager at Leasing and Finance Company (LFC) says the ‘family’ is free to inform anyone about the issue because “there is nothing to hide.”

Ngwira writes: “You may have been hearing rumours regarding what is happening with my family. This message is meant to communicate the correct position of the situation.”

He reveals that he had decided to order DNA tests for his children on January 28, 2018 and that the results were given to them on March 1, 2018.

“I am sorry and deeply disappointed to inform you that DNA results have shown that I am not the biological father of Elton, Hellen, Kamwadi and Lucy Ngwira. As you would understand, we have a crisis in the family and as an immediate measure I have separated from Miriam while the parents discuss the way forward. Please pray for the children who shall be traumatised by this unwanted situation.

“It is our view that whoever is the biological father/s should be unmasked and be given the responsibility to look after his / their offsprings.  You shall be updated regarding any new developments soon. I will send copies of the DNA results shortly,” writes Ngwira.

It is not clear what prompted him to order the DNA tests.

Another marriage crisis

In a related development, another marriage is on the rock in Chirimba in the city of Blantyre after the husband, a well-known engineer (name withheld) recently found incriminating WhatsApp text messages in his cheating wife’s mobile phone.

The wife  is a member of the CCAP women’s guild (Mvano) and an administrator at one of the famous private secondary schools in the outskirts of the city.

She has had a steamy relationship with another man (name withheld) for a long time despite being happily married for almost 15 years.

According to the couple’s family friend privy to the issue, apart from enjoying the ‘forbidden fruit’, the wife and the man friend have been exchanging romantic texts and nude photographs until fate caught up with the woman slightly a fortnight ago.

“The other man’s wife alerted the Chirimba man that his wife was flirting around with her husband according to her own findings. The Chirimba man put his own traps and caught her read handed with some nasty evidennce of promiscuity,” said the source, declining to be identified.

She said the couple have three kids between them.

“The marriage is now in ruins. They are still staying together in their beautiful matrimonial home and the wife is still enjoying marriage ‘benefits’ like use of cars. But the husband has made it clear he has lost trust in his wife and it’s a matter of time that he seeks divorce. I think the children, who are still young, are the main hindrance to a speedy divorce,” said the friend, who is also a women’s guild member at the CCAP church that the couple goes to.



  • Michael Ngwira sounds like he’s not okay in the head! He felt like he had something to prove, spraying his sperm all over town. These women felt pressurised to bear him children to secure his financial support. It was only the fourth woman who was forthcoming enough to reveal that she couldn’t conceive by him. So the idiot gets DNA tests & reveals everything on social media to absolve himself of financial duties to the kids, in the process smearing Mirriam’s name by not clarifying that she is not the mother of all 4 children, only 2 of them are hers. He does this after she helped him raise them and at risk of emotional trauma to the kids! Typical,lazy, cowardly Malawian men, always thinking with what is in their underpants!!

  • very bad news to all married people

  • mwanakazi ngwakutowa uyu wangamuleka ni njani?

  • Jimmy Chakudza

    Most women in our country do cheat on their husbands . They should remember that there are many women who are not married.

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