Lucius Banda Involved In SA Airilines Multi-Million Ticket Fraud:Interpol Investigates

Lucius Banda involved in South African Airlines Ticket fraud

Interpol are investigating top Malawian musician cum politician Lucius Banda and a number of lawyers in a multi million rand credit cards hacking scam.

The investigations follows the arrest of a cape town based south African of Malawian origin Menard bongani Kaunda by the Malawi police last week for defrauding south African airways in a mega airline tickets fraud.

Malawi police recovered an I pad and I phone from sabela which contained details of his dealings with Lucius BANDA in the procurement of fraudulent air tickets during zembani band tours to Johannesburg and south Africa.

Also implicated in the scam is another cape town based Malawian chipililo Sosola.
Interpol are in possesition of whatsapp conversations between Banda and sabela which indicate that the two amongst other things conspired to defraud South African Airways by using stolen credit cards to purchase air tickets for hon Banda and his zembani.

Sabela who was previously known as Menard Kaunda during his hey days in kawale is due to appear in court on 7th march 2019.



  • Well done! This is how you do investigative reporting. We tired of hypocrites who constantly fingers at a perfectly capable government of DPP. When they are the dirty ones. They would risk Malawi having an unstable political climate, changing govts like underwear, just so that they can get into power to do their nonsense! DPP should continue.

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