Remembering The Massacre Of The Yao’s By MCP On This Day

MCP reintroduces cards

One of the people which MCP killed was the father of Gerald Seleman who is now 84 years old.

Seleman comes from Mangochi. In an interview with this publication , Seleman narrated  the ordeal to with tears in his eyes.

“I was there when they took away my father to an unknown place.  It was on a Friday. We had just finished our prayers when the military came. With no remorse they started beating up women and children and everybody. It was terrible.

“Today when I see MCP and its  leadership coming to Mangochi and not say sorry it just shows that these people are the same. They will never change,” he said.

According to Seleman, MCP unleashed its terror not only on Moto Village but also other parts of Mangochi such as Lulanga, Mgosa, Chimbiri, Mtamba, Malindi, Ntenjeza, Makumba, Chemoto, Lungweni, Masyasya and Makanjira headquarters in Mpilipiri.

He said MCP did what it did not just because of Masauko Chipembere but also because it hates the Yaos. He explained that there were other nationalists such as Kanyama Chiume who was from Nkhata Bay  and Steve Evans Silombera from Six Miles in Zomba.

But MCP did not terrorise their villages like they with Chipembere. Chipembere was a serious threat.

”MCP just has got something against the Yao people and I fear what they would do to us if they returned into power,” said Seleman.

On her part, Wiga Saed from the same district recalled how MCP operatives took her away from her house to dance for Kamuzu Banda.

“I had just arrived from hospital after delivering a baby when I heard a  knock on the door. The youths told me to immediately leave the house to go to Ngumbe to wait for Kamuzu.This was the worst experience of my life.

“My uncle had just arrived from Zambia and he tried to confront them regarding my condition, they took him away and kept him in prison.”


After Masauko Chipembere was assassinated in fighting for democracy, Malawi Congress Party went to his village in Mangochi and slaughtered 327 innocent villagers.

Party zealots burned the entire village down to ashes.

In 1976, MCP youths killed Kazito of Machinga by drowning him just because he was siding with Chipembere.

The Yaos produced Masauko Chipembere, Steve Silombera and Atati Mpakati all who stood up to fight for democracy.

Malawi Congress Party punished the Yaos by not building a secondary school in Machinga and under-resourcing education in Mangochi.

MCP made sure that Yaos must be the least educated because they feared them.

No wonder, the pressure group (UDF) that successfully fought MCP out of power was led by a Yao, Bakili Muluzi.

Muluzi was appointed to lead the Malawi Young Pioneers (the squadron of butchers) and later he was elected Secretary General of the MCP as a strategy to take a Yao who should tame his own people. The strategy backfired and Bakili Muluzi turned against MCP.



  • Olo mutanena bwanji za MCP yakale,ife sitingasunthike onani zomwe dziko likuona pano, sitikufunanso akubawa ndi akuphawa kapena inu simukuona?amene mukuwanena apawa amkalimbana ndi Kamuzu samalimbana ndi MCP oky?osamaphatikiza zinthuzi.

  • kodi kuli mcp yakale ndiyatsopano ???? kkkkk zachilendo koma ndichifukwachani kuti ikhale yakale ndiyatsopano ???? man musaithawe ndipo musaikane ndayomweyi :kkk apatu zikungowonetseratu kuti ndimavuto

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