Exposed:How MCP Assasinated Dr.Attati Mpakati In March 1983: Never Again

How MCP murdered Atatti Mpakati

You will be interested to know that Dr. Attati Mpakati and his party LESOMA were also infiltrated By Dr. Banda’s assailants.

For example, an operative on the ground in Mozambique and Zimbabwe tasked to conduct surveillance on Dr. Attati Mpakati on behalf of Dr. Banda, was a man called Mr. Msamatundu Banda . his rank was Superintendent in the Malawi Police Force’s intelligince apparatus then known as Special Branch.

He was originally from Ntchisi. He was born and bred in Rhodesia. He spoke Shona fluently.

Both Orton Chirwa and Dr. Attati Mpakati’s cases were running concurrently at that time, sometimes sharing operatives on the two cases.

After Dr. Attati Mpakati was finally eliminated on 23 March 1983, this man Mr. Msamatundu Banda was rewarded with a post at the Malawi Embassy in South Africa.

Malawi was the only African country to have a foreign mission within the soils of apartheid South Africa since late 1960s.

There are details of Dr. Attati Mpakati’s death that people don’t know:

For more than 3 years Special Branch infiltrators worked with Dr. Attati Mpakati and LESOMA.

The task was more difficult than the infiltration of Orton Chirwa and his party Mafremo.

Anyway, in the final analysis Dr. Banda’s agents managed to get into LESOMA.

They were going in and out of Malawi reportedly setting up party structures and supporters. This is how Dr. Attati Mpakati fell into the trap for his assassination.

In short Dr. Attati Mpakati was killed in his hotel room in Harare.

He had gone there from Mozambique to preside over a LESOMA conference where delegates from Malawi were to present a situational report.

Dr. Attati Mpakati’s pillow was planted with a miniature intravenous poison bomb/ chemical which the Malawi security agents knew how to use.

Dr. Attati Mpakati took his time before he could lay his head on the pillow.

The assassins checked on him twice and twice they found him still alive.They went to his room as hotel housekeepers for a room service.

Finally at about 2 a.m. that’s when the chemical bomb was found to have finally done the damage. So the security agents took the dead body of Dr. Attati Mpakati by smuggling it out of the hotel and dumped it in a gutter in the streets of Harare.

That same night/day the security agents sneaked by road to Botswana.

From Botswana, they cabled Malawi to report to Dr. Banda that their mission was accomplished.

From Botswana, they flew to Nairobi where they connected a flight to Lilongwe.

There was wild celebration at Police headquarters in Area 30 (Lilongwe) when it was announced that the boys in Harare had done the needful.

I was a student that time and my dad was a senior police officer at the Police headquarters tasked to process the finances for these operations from his office desk. I would later have conversations with him on these issues.

If people talk of gun wounds that were found on the body of Dr. Attati Mpakati, these were inflicted on an already dead person to act as smokescreen so that the deadly chemical bomb which was used should not be discovered.

The people who were arrested on strong suspicion that they killed Dr. Attati Mpakati were not the actual people who executed the assassination.

The assassins departed that very night/day because their cover would be blown or was blown.

The assassins were from Malawi Police (Special Branch). One of them being Mr. Msamatundu Banda.

For the sake of mending and preserving our history within the spirit of patriotism, I have risked friendships by sharing this testimony to the world which many may not have heard .

The names of the Special Brach officers mentioned in my testimony here are fathers of my childhood friends.

Growing up at National Police Headquarters in a house whose dad was one of the senior officers in the Administration and Finance Department, I was pivy to some classified information when my dad would be speaking on the phone from home with colleagues about some clandestine missions or boasting to his wife (my mother) when a particular mission finally succeeded.



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