MCP Broke: Fails To Source K 100 Mn For Convention As Mia Makes U-Turn On K 70 Mn Contribution

Mia fails to honor K 70 mn contribution for convention

Opposition Crocodiles Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has disclosed that it is broke and  has no money to hold its convention which was budgeted at MK 100 million with Sidik Mia making a u-turn that he will no longer make his K 70 million contribution towards the MCP convention, Malawi Independent has learnt.

This comes at a time that Chakwera is building a K 0.5 billion house in Area six and he cannot aaacount for fthe money he sourced from well wishers abroad.

Speaking in separate interviews, both MCP spokesperson Ezekiel Ching’oma and secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka said the steering committee for the convention has met twice to work way forward to raise K100 million within the party but the response from seniors has not been positive, as everyone says they are channeling their resources towards their parliamentary seats campaign.

MCP is expected to hold its convention from April 4 to 8 in Mzuzu City this year.

MCP officials have, however, refused to disclose how much they have raised, insisting that the event will not fail.
It is reported that earlier Hon Sidik Mia made a pledge of K70 million towards the convention but during the last meeting Mia told the meeting that he will not able to fulfil his promise due to useable circumstances instead he will only manage to contribute K10 million towards the function.

They said the steering committee is chaired by lakeshore regional chairman, Augustine Chidzanja.
“As for funds, let me not disclose how much we have in our coffers since we are still collecting pledged funds from our members. Know that MCP is run by its members through the spirit of ‘nothing for us without us’,” Ching’oma said.

“We have opened a bank account, TNM Mpamba account and Airtel Money account in which people of good will can deposit into, we ask all Malawians please to help us”, pleaded Ching’oma



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