Sex Jamboree At SB Hotel Launch As Major 1 PRO Invited 3 Concubines As Journalists

Nyondo and concubine Linda Nzunga with their kid outside of Nyondos wedlock

There was a sexual Jamboree in South Africa last Tuesday when Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was launching his SB Hotels, with revelations coming in that the man of God’s Director of Communications, a Mr.Ephraim Nyondo invited three of his sexual concubines out of his wedlock as journalists who were later treated to a sex party in the rainball nation, this publication can reveal.

According to sources, Nyondo who is a married man and has a kid with his wife has been going out with Linda Nzunga who is a journalist at power 101 FM and last year Nyondo impregnated this woman out of his wedlock just few weeks after he was contracted as Bushiri’s PRO.

Verified information has it that Linda Nzunga has a baby now whose father is  the married man of God’s communication Director and he  invited her to South Africa to grace the launch of Bushiri Hotel as a way of rewarding her good sexual services she renders to him.

Two more girl friends also travelled to South Africa to entertain the Man of God spokesman in the name of journalists who went to cover the function.

The developments have shocked many people and followers of the ECG of Bushiri who look after to their spiritual mentors and expected them to be God fearing people leading by example.



3 Replies to “Sex Jamboree At SB Hotel Launch As Major 1 PRO Invited 3 Concubines As Journalists

  1. What I’m more interested in is why that tacky Bushiri is trying to rip-off Sunbird Hotels brand.

  2. JUstice Mponda, Clement Magombo, Austine Kakande, Greyson Chapita and all those of you tryin to bring down other people through this blog. Were watching and its just a matter of time. Mark my words.

  3. Bushiri should be in jail in S Africa for fraud, for inventing the $100 billion AFRICCI scam to promote his business SBI, Is this the greatest scam in Africa or in the whole world. Is the AFRICCI scam miracle money which easily appears and disappears !

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