Nkasa Tears MCP Apart In New Song ‘Mbiri’..Wounds Not Healed To Vote Them Back

New MCP Nkango in Chakwera

Political hit marker of all time Joseph Nkasa has released a new song titled ‘Mbiri’ which has teared Malawi Congress Party and exposed how the MCP youths sexually abused married women by raping them and infecting others in the process .

In a fashionable way Nkasa roped in an old fire tale  of how  young antelopes went to play with lion cabs thinking they were friends without knowing they were their worst enemies in reference to Malawians who were at risk with the one party rule of Malawi Congress Party with its tyrant Kamuzu Banda who was branded “Mkango” by his followers.

Nkasa went ahead to remind Malawians how Chamwaka and MCP cards made citizens of the nation slaves as well reminding them that this history can be re-written if we are not careful enough  as a nation because there is another Lion born and a new Dictator in the name of Chakwera.

History of MCP atrocities cannot be forgotten and never will they be allowed to bounce back in power since Malawians are still nursing the bruise of MCP evil regime and the wounds have not healed for those whose relations were murdered, jailed without trial, run into exile, lost property by grabbing by MCP youths and raping of married women.

Listen and download the songs here:



  • Prosper Jacalas Mgoneka

    Nkasa is very stupid artist. Ni mbala afuna abele uyo wakugwa pakamwayo basi. Achimenyaso chaka chino chimenechi

  • Nyimboyi ikundikumbutsa pomwe amphunzitsi anga Ena akumpoto ndiakumwera anachotsedwera paKasungu Sec. Sch. Mpaka ife kulemba science subjects without teachers. Teachers were hired from Chayamba Sec.Sch. on cost

  • Shafique Wakuda Katungwe.

    Mkasa wapangiranji zimenezi? Taona anthu akulira!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkk koma ndale eeeeeeeh kaya.

  • Wachita bwino Nkasa kuwakumbutsa anthu kuti MCP ndiyankhaza. Ine ndimmodzi amene ndinamva kuwawa ndi chipani chimenechi. The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. A Malawi tisapange masewera kuvotera MCP.

  • Nkasa kkkkkkkkkkl waitha.

  • Noone must ever forget Mwanza 4, Dick Matenje,Orton & Vera Chirwa, Kanyama Chiume, Chipembere, Aleke Banda, Du Chisiza and countless others who were victimised by that bloody regime! We will NEVER forget the terror inflicted by Albert Muwalo & Focus Gwede with his his Special Branch. We will NEVER forget Chilobwe murders. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!! FUCK OFF MCP!!

  • “To forget is to be grossly disenginuous ”
    Jack Mapanje


  • That’s the nkasa I know even atazawina chakwera azamuyimbilanso kuti adye naye tinamuzolowera nkasa ndintchito zake. Tinabadwa ndikanthawi ife sandatiputsise

  • Mkasa more fireeee ana alero sadziwa kanthu mchifukwa amangoyamikila zili zonse

  • Katiwenge Chirambo

    We can’t just forget it like it. I do not know a person with a heart who votes for MCP.
    What they did to Malawi is painful beyond imagination.

    The DPP, in the short years it is in Boma has done more in 5 years than the 30 years of destruction by the MCP.

    MCP must just die! They will not get my vote.

  • sharif mkata millie

    All party in malawi are same dont differenciat

  • sharif mkata millie

    All party in malawi are same dont differenciat

  • Omwe ankapanga chipongwe chimenechi analowa DPP,noone is still with MCP.

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