MCP’s Sidik Mia Sent Us To Kill BJ,Terror His House:Suspects Reveal

Mia Sent Us To Kill BJ

Three criminals who have been arrested by police have confesed that they were sent by Sidik Mia to kill Brown Mpinganjira and if he was not found,rain terror at his house in Mulanje.

Few days ago the police received a report that Brown Mpinganjira’s house was attacked by thugs who went away with several items .

After launching an investigation,the police managed to arrest them Upon interrogation, the suspects revealed that they were sent by Lower Shire Politician Sidik Mia to reign terror on the politician.

Police are still investigating the matter.

LB/CR/138/02/18 refers.
THE COMPOL SR SIR. Limbe Progress report. Reference to crime situation report dated on 22/02/18 of B/Theft in which Chinga Mpinganjira, aged 30, Vge. Khoviwa, T/A Chikumbu, D. Mulanje who reported the above offence on behalf of his father Honorable Brown Mpinganjira against unknown criminals who stole various items at his house in Chigumula. Now be informed that the following suspects: 1. Frank Banda, aged 21, Vge. Mponda T/A Chiwaya, D. Balaka, 2. Frank Zakaliya, aged 20, Vge. Namalenga, T/A Juma, D. Mulanje and 3. Lyton Nkumba, aged 30, Vge. Nameta, T/A Chimaliro, D. Thyolo have been arrested and the following items have been recovered: Samsung Laptop, Lenova Laptop and Sewing machine.



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