12 ECG Members To Stand On DEPECO Ticket In 2019: Bushiri Bankrolling Daza

12 ECG members to contest on DEPECO ticket

Leader of ECG and Founder Prophet Bushiri despite distancing himself from Chris Daza’s DEPECO is on record to be the one financing the political party of the former MCP secretary general and there is more to this.

A latest development has indicated that Bushiri is laundering money for several African leaders including the cash gate proceed of former Malawi President Joyce Banda who is now in exile, and it is strongly believed that Bushiri duped Joyce Banda billions taking advantage of her current situation , channeling that money towards setting his political base in DEPECO through Daza, who has been working with Bushiri’s ECG since he had fallen from the grace of politics.

A source close to Bushiri has told this publication that about 12 ECG members have been identified and underground works are in progress for them to contest under Bushiri’s DEPECO in the 2019 elections on parliamentarian seat.

As that is not enough, Bushiri’s godfather Helbert Angels is in the country to talk to leader of opposition CHakwera and Daza for their reconciliation ad he plans to come back in Malawi in December, to announce that Chakwera and Daza need to work together as God will show him that Malawi needs to be ruled by men of God so Daza in disguise of Bushiri  and Chakwera would need to partner in the run to 2019 elections.

Few months ago, Paramount Chief Lundu banned the operations of ECG in his area, saying Bushiri and his followers were running political affairs in the area hidding under his church.




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