Bushiri Sons Created Fake FB Page Of President Mutharika:Using It To Mislead The World

Fake page created by Bushiri sons

Sons and operatives of Shepherd Bushiri as they fondly call themselves are reported to have created a fake facebook page of Malawi President , Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika in a desperate attempt to mislead the world  with posts which are not originating from Mutharika , quoting the president out of context claiming that the President is rallying behind Bushiri and his clandestine moves as well as spreading lies.

Using the fake page, Bushiri operatives claimed that Mutharika joined hands to congratulate Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gathering church (ECG) for launching his five star hotel in South Africa on Tuesday night. A development which Mutharika is not aware of and his close aides have rubished it off.

According to one of the Senior advisors close to Mutharika, the Malawi President did not send anyone to South Africa to represent him at the opening of SB Hotel and further stated that if there is one who did so, that was done  in his or her capacity and any views expressed during such a gathering did not  represent the views of President Mutharika

Bushiri’s fake facebook page of President Peter Mutharika went ahead to fabricate lies that , as the president of Malawi, his   door was  open to have dialogue with this  crook which the fake page labelled as powerful man of God.



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