DPP Parliamentarian Godwin Grey Kanjere Caught Pants Down Urinating At KIA Flowers

Kanjere MP urinating at KIA flowers sham


Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) parliamentarian for Ntcheu-Bwanje South Godwin Grey Kanjere was caught pants down, urinating at the flowers of Kamuzu International Airport just after alighting from Malawian Airlines, few meters away from the plane which has toilet facilities in it and the airport toilets.

According to one of the opposition parliamentarians who was on board with Godwin Grey Kanjere -MP, the law marker for Ntcheu Bwanje South is reported to have been  heavily drunk as he was coming out of the plane such that he failed to use the toilet in the plane and in the process the influence of alcohol gave him the courage to ease himself in a public place in view of people.

The picture of the ruling DPP parliamentarian has gone viral on social media with many describing it as the worst misconduct by a man who the society respects.

This is very shameful as law markers are considered to be honourable members.



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