Mpasu Family Never Wanted Chakwera To Speak At His Funeral:’This Is Not MCP Funeral’

Mpasu family did not want CHakwera to speak at his funeral

Family of fallen politician Sam Mpasu did not want leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera to speak the Mpasu’s funeral, saying the funeral of the former speaker was not an area for him to advance his political agenda and politiking.

So far Malawi Congress party has accused government of blocking Lazarus Chakwera from giving his eulogies at the funeral of veteran politician Sam Mpasu, who was president of New Labour Party.

Malawi Independent understands that MCP operatives circulated a program which indicated that the leader of opposition would be among speakers to give their eulogies.

However, upon learning of CHakwera moves to politicize their relations funeral, they made communication to those who were organizing the funeral never to allow him to speak because Mpasu’s funeral was not a political arena for Chakwera to advance his political ambitions.

Mpasu, who served Speaker of Parliament between 1999 and 2003, was found dead yesterday in his house in Mudi, Blantyre, after succumbing to hypertension complications.

He was laid to rest on Saturday in Ntcheu.

According to political analysts, Mpasu will be remembered as a politician who remained steadfast on a slippery political ground where his contemporaries slip more often than not.

Born in 1945, Mpasu was detained at Mikuyu Prison without trial from January 22 1975 to January 10 1977. In 1991 he joined UDF which at the time was an underground organisation, and fought Banda’s dictatorship. He was appointed to the National Referendum Committee.

In 1994, when United Democratic Front (UDF) became the first democratically elected government in the country, Mpasu was elected member of Parliament for Ntcheu Central.

He has served as minister of Education, Science and Technology (1994-95), minister of Health and Population (1995-1996), minister of Information (1997-1999) and minister of Commerce and Industry (2003-2004).

In 2008, he was convicted of corruption over Fieldyork International text book scam of 1994 and sentenced to six years imprisonment. He was released in August 2010 for good conduct.

He joined the New Labour Party in 2012 and became president of the party after Friday Jumbe resigned.


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