Political Scientist Ernest Thindwa Labels MCP As Unchanged Party Not Ready To Govern

MCP is not changed and not ready to govern: Political Scientist Ernest Thindwa

A renown political analyst from the University of Malawi’s constituent college, Chancellor College, has defined the unending bickerings and squabbles in the aging Malawi Congress Party dubbed Mia Congress Party (MCP) as an indication of a party which has not changed and not ready to govern with pure dictatorship traits.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our publication, Thindwa explained that MCP has an entrenched pattern to suppress opposing views to the leader as can be seen in many instances in the past and present, a pure act on not changing

“It is not surprising that MCP continues with the dangerous precedence of creating and sustaining dictatorship. The system is deep rooted. It started with Kamuzu Banda. MCP made him the life President, not only in their party but the entire country to suppress any healthy competition or opposing views. They have a system that worships the leader. To them the leader is infallible and should not be opposed or faulted.” Said the expert.

“You will see that the trend continued with Gwanda Chakuamba then John Tembo. All of them created cults around them to make them some kind of “demigods”. They all carried around them a team of brutal and militant zealots, youths and women to brutalise and castigate against anyone who seem to oppose their revered leader. Currently, that is very evident with Chakwera. It didn’t take the former reverend to fit in within the system. Obviously, Chakwera comes from another similar system that worships a leader (Man of God). MCP’s system immediately makes Chakwera an infallible demigod.”

The expert went on to give the following justifications for his claims after conducting some research on the party:
1. The MCP system naturally started oppressing the many party heavy weights that competed with Chakwera at the MCP Convention in 2013. This is similar to what happened with Kamuzu, Gwanda and Tembo. All of them had one thing in common, fighting opponents;

  1. The MCP system conferred on Chakwera a cult hero tag “demigod” of MCP. This is to ensure that his decisions, even though they go against the party’s guiding constitution, cannot be called to question. This is a dangerous precedence in MCP. Kamuzu, Gwanda and Tembo all enjoyed this “demigod” status and had the tendency of not tolerating dissenting views whatsoever;
  2. As the “new demigod” of the party, the MCP system accorded Chakwera, as was the case with the other previous cult leaders, a blank cheque to chose whom to work with from their convention. This is against a standard guideline from their very own constitution. Chakwera has now taken full advantage of such blank cheque to completely disregard the constitution albeit scoffing at reminders to follow the MCP constitution. Rather, as his predecessors, he and his team chose to deal with anyone calling for him to follow the dictates of his own party constitution.

  3. Henceforth, Chakwera choses who to fire and hire willy nilly at any level starting with the National Executive Committee (NEC) which he has so far reshuffled twice without any constitutional mandate. He rides on the advantage of blind loyalty. Anyone who challenges Chakwera becomes a black sheep. He or she become branded with the term “nkholokolo” same as how Kamuzu branded those that opposed his tyrannical leadership, “akapilikoni”. Chakwera and his band can now even fire duly elected Vice President, Treasurer General, Secretary General, Vice Secretary General and the party’s firebrand Publicity Secretary on whimsical allegations of “dissent” to the leadership.

  4. To secure and safeguard the demigod status, the MCP system has ensured that the system accepts, recruits or rewards only “Chakwera loyalists” with positions. You must be a pro-Chakwera zealot to be accepted as an MCP member. Otherwise you will face the wrath of the Chakwera “praise team”, youth and women leaguers. The Chakwera zealots have unleashed terror on the party conducting bogus elections to seive out/ fire all those alleged to hold contrary opinion to Chakwera’s style of leadership. This started at area, constituency, district and regional level. MCP has a way of castigating and removing party officials on the basis of loyalty to a person in a leadership position rather than party philosophy or conviction;

  5. The MCP system has already started conferring unmerited titles to Chakwera such as the “Only hope for Malawi” “the new Kamuzu” and presents him as the sole proprietor of the party and of the country come 2019. The Chakwera zealots have now added the title of “Professor” to Chakwera’s name. This is to make sure that the demigod doesn’t seem of lower status than any other person. Kamuzu also enjoyed a litany of titles as a supreme being of the land. He allowed no one to be or appear smarter than him. He even did not allow Malawians to watch other international televisions. He allowed no one to construct any building taller or better than those he commissioned;

  6. As sole proprietor of the new MCP, the system has allowed the “new demigod Kamuzu” to deal anyhow on party businesses without consulting even his National Executive Committee (NEC). Chakwera is allowed to transact dubiously with anyone on his personal interests and terms. He can go into secret agreements which commit the party without any discussion with party leadership. He thrives in keeping secret on any party engagements apart from a few trusted inner circle. Similarly, Kamuzu was allowed to indulge the party and country in secret deals. There were secret meetings taking place and Malawians were kept guessing or abducted if presumed to be in the know of secret dealings.

“You will see that all these point at one thing, MCP’s system has a tendency of creating and nurturing dictators. This is endemic and deeply entrenched. The recent squabbles give us an opportunity to see this demon that Chakwera has miserably failed to tame. In actual effect, Chakwera has fitted into it comfortably which should haunt Malawians who are already traumatized from the evils of the one-party dictatorship.” Concluded the renowned expert


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