Chris Chisoni Caught Pants Down Authorising Payment Of K 17 Mn To His Own Wife Company

Chisoni authorised payment of MK 17 mn to wife’s company

Executive Director of High Education Students Loan Board (HESLB)  Chris Chisoni has been caught pants down in what can be described as abuse of office and Diaries-gate, with fresh revelations coming out that EE & A Enterprise, a company which  which was paid K 17 million by the loans board  to print forms and diaries belong to his wife, Esther Chisoni.

The payment raised an alarm as to why Chisoni would authorise payment for the printing of forms which can be photocopied or accessed by student through their portals.

Malawi Independent went deep into investigations where it has uncovered the illicit activities which Chris Chisoni and his wife through EE & A Enterprises had been into.

Verified information has indicated that this in not the first time for Chisoni to be involved in such abuse of office, with latest revelations indicating that the former Finance and Administration Manager for the loans board  was let go for questioning on such matters.

Proof of office abuse by Chisoni

This publication calls upon the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and stakeholders to look into the matters as a way of protecting government resources but also putting this nonsense to an end.

It is not fair for poor Malawians to withdraw from colleges on financial grounds when the Executive Director of  Loans board is on the move of self enrichment with his own wife using tax payers money.



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