How Kamuzu Banda Started Corruption In Malawi…MCP Wrangles

Kamuzu Banda started corruption in Malawi

Dr Banda was the contact, financial backer and representative of the NAC in the UK. He helped the NAC to fight against the Federation by hosting and facilitating meetings in London, and drafting papers against the federation with others from Northern Rhodesia like Kenneth Kaunda etc.

But when the NAC lost the Federation fight in 1953, Dr Banda became hopeless. He left London and went to Ghana where he became a farmer and also operated a clinic. But in December 1957 Dr Banda’ clinic was closed down by government officials on alleged corruption practices of Dr Banda involving the procurement of medicine.

He was also banned from practicing medicine in Ghana. In a few months after the scandal, Dr Banda finally left Ghana and came to Malawi.

The arrival of Dr Banda in July 1958 was the beginning of leadership crisis that has refused to die in MCP for more than half a century. When Dr Banda arrived he made himself President of NAC using his faction of Chipembere, Chiume, etc and yet the NAC already had a president in office, TDT Banda ( this part requires explanation) whose term had not yet expired according to constitution.

As a result, between July 1958 until the convention in Nkhata-bay, which was held in August, NAC had two Presidents, the official and non official, fighting for leadership. The problems continued after independence and solely bred dictatorship, and continued through the 30 years. Until today, MCP is good at leadership and constitutional crises.
This is just a matter of setting historical records straight.


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