Kamuzu’s Son Jumani Coming To Malawi Under Sidik Mia’s Invitation Next Month

Jumani Coming To Malawi Under Mis invitation

Sidik Mia has invited Jumani Johansson who is believed to be the son of former President Kamuzu Banda  to visit Malawi next month.

Jumani made headlines in 2012 when he came to malawi claiming that he was a son to late Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

“Jumani has been my friend all along, I have visited him in Sweden many times since he was expelled in this country. His coming has nothing to do with politics “. said Mia

Political analyst have describe Mia’s move as very dangerous to MCP considering the leadership wrangles that has entangled the former ruling party.

“I and Jumani are good friends, he has always asked to invite him to Malawi but I have been occupied with so many things”, Mia claims.

One thing that has taken me long to invite Jumani was sorting out his legal status, but my lawyer has done a very good job, he is free to come and  visit Malawi.

Mia said if all goes on well as per plan ,Jumani will be in the courtly end of March.


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