Times Newspaper Bows Down To Cadet Pressure Over Their Article: ‘They Apologise’

Times Group apologise

Malawi’s Congress Party newspaper, the Daily Times, has printed an apology over the photo caption story, which depicted the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth who are painting their faces and bodies in party colours and main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) youth in decent berets in revolutionary red.

The publication of the photo caption story titled “Sport the difference between the two groups” caused widespread revulsion on social media with the majority of the comments accusing the publication for practicing partisan politics.

On Thursday, the newspaper in light of the loathings, offered apologies on its front page, under the headline “We apologise.”

Editor-In-Chief of Times Group, George Kasakula said the media giant made a terrible mistake for the photographs, saying they violated the company’s editorial policy which says “we are an independent non-partisan media group, and not a mouthpiece of any political party or lobby group to be used for campaign.”

Kasakula conceded that the photos did not relect their editorial policy hence “apologising to the public.”

He said the paper has rigorous gate-keeping process but that there was breakdown which he said the company is investigating which “disciplinary measures will be taken against those responsible for such laxity.”

Kasakula said Times Group which also publishes other titles Malawi News and Sunday Times has also Times Television and Times Radio, will move on to give “nothing but independent and non-partisan content”.


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