Chatinkha Expose Chakwera’s Foolishness On MCP Affairs: ‘The Problem In MCP Is Him’


Chatinkha exposes foolishness of MCP leader Chakwera.m


In 1994 after being appointed as a caretaker MCP president by Dr. H. K. Banda, Late Gwanda Chakuamba was approved by the Convention which was held at Kwacha Conference Center in Blantyre and JZU Tembo as his deputy. He run and won again at the 1999 convention held at Marymount Secondary School in Mzuzu still with Tembo in tow.

Then trouble began to brew as two clear camps emerged. Gwanda vs pro JZU Tembo his deputy, agitated by Late Geoffrey Kalowafumbi Khofi who claimed that a research done by him revealed that MCP members and supporters don’t want Gwanda as President.
By 2000/1, the pro JZU camp attempted a coup (not so secretly supported by UDF) which removed Gwanda as the Leader of Opposition but Justice Anacalet Chipeta ruled against the JZU camp and restored Gwanda as Leader of Opposition.
Trouble escalated within the party and Gwanda and his NEC fired and suspended from their positions JZU Tembo Deputy President, Late Katie Kainja, Secretary General, Late BBC Majoni Regional Chairman Central Region and Late Kampanje Banda District Chairman Nkhotakota.
The group sued Gwanda and his NEC and won the case. Justice either Frank Kapanga or George Chimasula, (I stand to be corrected) ruled that the party or its NEC had no power or mandate to either suspend or fire the group..but it could only make recommendations for Convention to take action according to the constitution.

The group was restored and after a mediation by Mama C Kadzamira, quickly they mobilized and both agreed and proceeded to call for an Emergency Convention which was held in 2003 at Motel Paradise in Blantyre. JZU Tembo was then elected MCP president and Gwanda lost and preceded to form the Republican Party with Dr. Ntaba. This same Convention amended the current MCP constitution which amongst other things added the position of the 2nd Deputy President.

In the preceding years, JZU Tembo and his NEC have made several attempts to fire or suspend NEC members such as Katie Kainja (the court ruled against the action ) and Chris Daza… (JZU withdrew the case and invited him back to work after realizing that he erred constitutionally. ..maturity).

My point here is that the Court is a House of Records and current situation in MCP is really a sign of ignorance or arrogance by the current leaders. It is a weak attempt at concealing a rotten abuse of power. No matter how many people you fired, the problem will not end because it’s not the fired people but yourself. For as long as Chakwera remains president of MCP. …the purging will not end because it’s he is driven by insecurity as a leader. Remember that the firing has not been confined to the senior members only, but many of his Aides and security staff have been fired too.
I can be viewed as the bad apple today but the old adage says “Wamisala adaona Nkhondo”. I know that soon you will all remember my loud mouth.


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