MCP Militia Confiscate MBC-Tv Drone,Threatened Journalists Before Chasing Them Away

MCP Militia Confiscate MBC tv drone

Malawi Congress Party rebels yesterday threatened to beat MBC journalists before they run away for their dear lives , in the process MCP militia confiscating their drone .

Media practioners in 21st century, we should condemn violence against journalists. Any form of violence is not welcome.

So whether the MBC crew was chased not beaten, that is violence. Whether the MCP youth only confiscated the drone, that too is violence. It is an act of impeding journalists to work smoothly. We should all together condemn violence.

MCP as a party that has serious ambitions of making the next government should lead by example. They should show us that things will be different under their regime. They should demonstrate tolerance towards opposing views/media as we are now in democracy. Here, it seems to me, they have failed.

Whether MBC does propaganda or not, they don’t deserve to be treated like that while on official duties. When Madam Teresa Ndanga is threatened by DPP cadets at state house press briefings, we all stand up to condemn. We should do the same now. Violence against anyone is not good.



  • kwathu konkuno

    Welcome MCP YOUTH MBC is not a public instuition but DPP Radio so palibe chifukwa chowanyengera pa misonkhano yathu ya MCP, One in government we will clean all curplits in that Instuition.


  • Zoopsezana ayi, Kodi ma journalist a MBC ndi ma media enawa amasiyana chani? Bwanji akudandaula ndi a MBC okha?

    Nkhani zanji pa national radio zongokomera chipani cholamuoa chokha?

    Tinasiya kumvera nkhani zawo pano.

    • when UDF was in power, MBC was behind it. When DPP came in it was the same. PP imakondeledwanso. Now DPP is also being favoured. even MCP itazatenga boma, MBC izizakondelanso MCP so I dont see the reason why people condemn MBC for favouritsm. Its just the matter of understanding its policy, although not good.

      otherwise enawo ngati zikuwapweteka angopanga zoti azawine basi.

  • Or Atandidyetsa Tameck Sindingachite Kuvotera Chakwera Fisi Uyu Can Not Change. 2019 Mwina Mukazapeza Aphungu 30 Ndimwayi. Sidick Mia Tenga Mcp Ukaipheretu Ngati Mmene Umaphera Ng’ona Mu Tchire river

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