Mchewa Congress Party Suspends VP Msowoya,Kandielo:SG Kaliwo,Kabwira Fired

Chakwera fires his VP’

Mchewa Congress Party whose NEC members are Chewas from Lilongwe being mislead by Lazarus Chakwera have resolved to suspend non Chewa Vice Presidents Richard Msowoya from the North , who is also Speaker of Parliament and Kandielo who originates from the Southern region.

This resolution was reached at a NEC meeting which was called by Lazarus Chakwera full of people who were not elected at the convention at Mchewa Congress Party headquarters.

It has been established that Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo and party’s spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila have been dismissed from the party.

The Meeting started at 1:15pm to 9:30pm under tight security.

No phones were allowed and everybody was searched by the detectors like they do at the airport.

Chakweras MCP endorsed that the convention be held in Mzuzu from 4th to 8th 2018.

Ezekiel Chingo’ma will take over from Jessie Kabwira to be deputies by Rev Maurice Munthali and Kondwani.



  • Am anxious to see what happens next. When MCP scooped almost all the contested seats in the last by election; most people pegged this oldest party to the top. People were talking, that MCP may form the next government; unfortunately not any more….

  • Inu ndiye panyapanu ndithu ndale masamaikemo mtundu anthu wava kape kwambiri machende anu si achewa onse ali ndale komaso si achewa ose amene amavotera MCP amai jean kalirani mesa ali ku DPP ndiye mesa ndi mchewa kapena mponela ili ku thyolo chitsiru kwambiri mukufuna kuononga mbili ya dziko

  • Politics of regionalism is not going to built our next Warm Heart of Africa. Regardless of who ever comes from MUST not stop him or her to support the party of his or her choice. Let’s come together as one to built our future Malawi’s Economy. Our fight Must be against the corrupted Politicians as well as those Wheel winds Politicians. We MUST NEVER AND NEVER VOTE for such kind of politicians they take you for granted

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