Another Embarrassing Loss Awaits MCP In 2019 Elections As APM Is Geared To Win

Mutharika to win 2019 elections

For yet another time, the London Think Tank Economic Intelligence Unit has predicted that Malawi Congress Party will lose again in 2019 elections. The EIU says President Peter Mutharika and the DPP will be the ones to win the elections.

It is not strange that MCP will lose. Here is their record:

JUNE 1993

MCP loses a referendum as Malawians opt for multiparty democracy while MCP wanted Malawi to remain a single party state

Malawians did not want to remain under MCP’s single party dictatorship that was characterized by killings, maimings and imprisonment of innocent people and grabbing and torching of their property

MAY 1994

MCP loses general election to UDF

People were haunted by MCP’s 31-year old dictatorship and brutality

MAY 1999

MCP loses general election to UDF

MCP’s history of autocracy wasn’t easy to forget

MCP did not have a viable policy alternative for national development

MCP was split due to fights between Chakuamba (Lower Shire and John Tembo (from Dedza). One camp was pro-constitution; the other was anti-constitution

MAY 2004

MCP loses general elections to UDF

MCP was split between Tembo and Chakumba leading to Chakuamba quitting MCP to represent Mgwirizano Coalition.

MCP did not have a better agenda for national development

It’s autocracy of the past was too raw to forget

MAY 2009

MCP loses general elections to DPP

MCP offered no viable agenda for national development. It relied on history.

MCP attempted to hoodwink the South into voting for it by picking Brown Mpinganjira as running mate. Voters saw through this marriage of convenience and rejected the party because what they wanted were development issues.

MAY 2014

MCP loses tripartite elections to DPP

MCP’s indelible mark of autocracy

MCP had no better agenda for national development

Malawians could not trust a novice Lazarus Chakwera with the arduous task of running a government. Running a church is not the same as running a government.

MAY 2019

MCP will lose the election to DPP

The party is split, again, between those who are pro-constitution and the Chakwera camp which is against the constitution of the party

Chakwera embodies the autocracy of MCP as he has been booting out of the party people that do not agree with some of his decisions

To date, MCP has not offered any better plan for national development, apart from dwelling on insults and hatching overthrow plots against the current government. In fact the EIU said in its Malawi country report in March 2016 that “Despite vocal attacks on the government (of President Peter Mutharika), Chakwera struggles to offer any viable policy alternatives.”

The DPP has delivered well on its impressive manifesto and carries the hope of Malawians. Malawians know that DPP and APM are not just about hope. They deliver on people’s hopes and aspirations.

MCP is, again, trying to fool Malawians in the South to vote for it by picking Sidik Mia (from Lower Shire) as running mate. Voters in the South know that Sidik Mia has no political future in MCP and that Chakwera is using him to meet his ambitions


One comment

  • Don’t just say autocracy, go into detail. People who dont know history of Malawi think they can compare MCP to DPP because they dont know the details. Mention specific places, incidents, include internet links. This is the fault of our elders who are too polite & too secretive, still scared to talk facts about crocodile party. The children have no idea what life was like under MCP “Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it”

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